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Has Everyone Who's Been Diagnose With An MPN Had A Bone Marrow Biopsy Done?

Has Everyone Who's Been Diagnose With An MPN Had A Bone Marrow Biopsy Done?

Is a baseline bone marrow biopsy standard in the diagnosing of a MPN or for monitoring it?

A myMPNteam Member said:

Just had my 3rd one done last week. In combination with a full blood panel, it's the only way my MPN specialist can evaluate the the progression (or not) of my ET. It's not a pleasant procedure, but one that must be done, unfortunately.

posted 18 days ago
A myMPNteam Member said:

I have had one as part of the diagnosis. Good for peace of mind too I think, I like to have facts to work with. It was not too bad pain wise, took the gas which helped, was all over and done in 10mins or so.

posted 20 days ago
A myMPNteam Member said:

Yes, two of them, 5 years apart. I don't believe Dr can give a very positive diagnosis without seeing biopsy slides. They sort of guess by your symptoms but biopsy confirms. MPN's change / progress also. I was diagnosed with PV five years ago and needed phlebotomys. BMB last month showed progression to myelofibfosis. Now I'm needing transfusions.

posted 24 days ago
A myMPNteam Member said:

I’ve had 2. One was to get a baseline. The second showed bone marrow scarring. The first I had sedation. The second just a local to the skin. Very quick procedure. I personally prefer sedation as I’m a wimp for needles.

posted 25 days ago
A myMPNteam Member said:

My doctor asked if i would do a biopsy so we would have a baseline. He said he always encourages people to do it in the hospital, guided by ultrasound, and using the good drugs available. I was afraid to have it. Had heard terrible stories about pain. But seriously, it was a piece of cake. No pain during the procedure, and a little backache afterwards that Tylenol took care of.

posted 27 days ago
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