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Anyone Who Gets Occasional AFib Take Anagelide?

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posted June 8
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A myMPNteam Member

Hi Eileen. I don't get occasional AFib but have high blood pressure that is made normal via medication. Starting last December I changed specialists and gradually switched from HU to Anagrelide due to major digestive issues from HU. For me, Anagrelide is great, as it reduces platelets and my digestive tract is back to normal. The hematologist/oncologist I began seeing last December is an MPN specialist. I asked him about possible heart complications from Anagrelide, as I'd read on this website about a person who thought that. He said he wasn't familiar with heart issues from Anagrelide, and the only likely issue would be a bone marrow one, 20 years from now. He's the expert, so I'm thinking: Maybe any heart issues from Anagrelide are rare.

posted June 8
A myMPNteam Member

We live in a senior complex. One resident just developed stage 3 Myelofibrosis from taking Anagrelide for 20+ plus years. I think if you take Hydroxyurea for many years you run the risk of leukemia. I am already 80 so not worried about either.

I also think the fact that HU is the 8th prescription med I take daily adds to possible side effects.

posted June 8

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